# 69 Doolin-Liscannor Bay View-Lahinch 29,9 km (1797,4)

The italian guy would let me stay on the via francigena “thanks nice see you in 6 month” and an Austrian lady offert me a Job as a teacher ” thanks nice see you in a year” at hostel I met Rémy again 🙂

Cliffs of Moher are mindblowing…lost way…f*** tired anyway I can’t stop

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Marc Simon Glintschnig

I just felt like walking... After my walk to SANTIAGO and ROME this year I decided to walk in Ireland. I'm walking the west coast of Ireland (2500+ km) and it is a very special pilgrimage full of moments I can't really discribe (also because of my terrible english) I'm thankful for the people I meet, for the hospitality and support I receive and of course for the mindblowing landscape I can walk every day! NOTHING might create EVERYTHING

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