# 71 Miltown Malbay-Doonbeg-Kilkee 35 km (1848,3)

hangover 35 km in rain o.k. no problem
a car killed me while peeing
wanted to drink a coffee at pub 2 guys gave me a pint and hmm “somebody put something in my drink” the last 6km were like flying with intensive colours
a dog bite me
my muscle explodes
arrived at B&B “Lynch” so true
You like it? YES!!!
but I prefer quiet peaceful days!!!

#70 Lahinch-Spanish Point-Miltown Malbay 15,9 km (1813,3)

no rain no rain no rain…it rains

a pissing miniminihorse was the highlight of the day 🙂

First bath since 2 month. After that going to the pub sun never shines on closed doors

Maybe it’s true I quit job spending all my money for walking no idea what to do next no plan B maybe it’s a little bit crazy but for me it just feels like when I’m talking to german people 🙂