# 11 Melmore Head-Dunfanaghy-Castlebare 31 km (308,2)

Sleeping in a train 🙂 at hostel there is a tipi and a ship…a guy from Spain wants to show me places to meditate?! what the hell where can this be?

Take a shower so he does…no your water is cold take mine…okidoki for that engagement he can see my dick…I was so happy about warm water and should halleluja he love that and started singing “shut up and dance with me…I’m a gays dream!!!

Dinner with 2 lesbians the pretis one kissed the ugly one I don’t care I’m just hungry they could be naked I just don’t like their smile “we are soo gay” ya great anyway I eat my pasta


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Marc Simon Glintschnig

I just felt like walking... After my walk to SANTIAGO and ROME this year I decided to walk in Ireland. I'm walking the west coast of Ireland (2500+ km) and it is a very special pilgrimage full of moments I can't really discribe (also because of my terrible english) I'm thankful for the people I meet, for the hospitality and support I receive and of course for the mindblowing landscape I can walk every day! NOTHING might create EVERYTHING

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