# 8 Letterkenny-Portsalon 32 km (223,7)

“bon cammino” said the Pepo in the morning “must be a great spiritual experience” hmm let’s have a look:

30 km just on street time to think spiritual things but there is just the “minty mint song” concentrate!!!

every 5 km there is a spoon lying on street??? the minty mint song and the spoon phanomenon-is that spiritual? Maybe a high Level but the output? A junkie driving with car?

Read 1. Samuel: the whole thing so brain tell me something “David is cool”  Great output brain, but maybe…”he is f*** cool go on” walking with a 2 kg bible reading 2 hours what a great output

so let us see what great spiritualexperiences I made this day: the “minty mint song” (endless repeat), the spoon thing and “David is cool” ya great 🙂

The guy at camping park is fascinated about walking this thing made coffee and said I should start a blog ya maybe

21:55 sun

f*** cold in tent (9 degree) principle of haha also if I never heard before I’m wearing everything I have even my poncho

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Marc Simon Glintschnig

I just felt like walking... After my walk to SANTIAGO and ROME this year I decided to walk in Ireland. I'm walking the west coast of Ireland (2500+ km) and it is a very special pilgrimage full of moments I can't really discribe (also because of my terrible english) I'm thankful for the people I meet, for the hospitality and support I receive and of course for the mindblowing landscape I can walk every day! NOTHING might create EVERYTHING

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