# 4 Malin Head-Ballyliffin 27,9 km (113,6)

Where is this hostel??? Asked everyone no one knows then at shop a man knew and took me to hostel with car (back so no cheating) The gentleman said “I’m so sorry we are closed” I answerd “That’s perfect I’m a pilgrim I don’t need much” “A what?” So Robert Walsh gave me coffee and hosted me FOR FREE it was a nice evening! His daughter called and he said “…no no he is o.k. Marc are you o.k.? he is o.k. no he is not from Germany he is from Austria, yes he is o.k….” 🙂 We talked a lot about pilgrimage and I should write him a Mail when I reach Cork. I will do that. And I should write a book about. Well I would like to…

Thank you Robert Walsh!!! Be blessed you and your daughter and your/her new hostel!!!


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Marc Simon Glintschnig

I just felt like walking... After my walk to SANTIAGO and ROME this year I decided to walk in Ireland. I'm walking the west coast of Ireland (2500+ km) and it is a very special pilgrimage full of moments I can't really discribe (also because of my terrible english) I'm thankful for the people I meet, for the hospitality and support I receive and of course for the mindblowing landscape I can walk every day! NOTHING might create EVERYTHING

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